What Does it Cost to Play at Kids Wonderland?

At Kids Wonderland, we keep our pricing affordable so you can afford to give your kids a day of exciting adventure. Pricing coming soon!

Do I Need to Put Down a Deposit for My Party?

In order to hold your spot for your party at Kids Wonderland, you’ll need to put down a $100 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking.

Can We Bring Our Own Decorations or Cake?

Yes! When you book a party at our indoor play place, you can bring your own cake, goody bags, and decorations. However, we do not allow confetti or pinatas.

Do Kids Need Special Socks to Play at Kids Wonderland?

Kids need to wear grip socks to play at Kids Wonderland. If they do not have socks, we sell them at the front as well.

Can I Go Do My Shopping While My Children Play?

It is required that all children are supervised while at Kids Wonderland. Unfortunately, this means you cannot drop them off; you must stay with them.

Can parents play with children on playground?

Yes they can as long as they pay for the parent access and have socks on no shoes on mats.

Can teenagers play on playground with siblings?

Playground is for children 12- and under.

Can parties be downgraded if not all party guests show up?

Can not downgrade packages the day of party.

To reserve party is deposit required ?

All parties must leave a $100 deposit and its nonrefundable, it goes to the balance of party.

Can customers come in for walk in parties?

No walk in parties no gifts or cake for unreserved parties.

Do we offer free wifi?

We don't offer free wifi.

Do we offer discounts for playtime for 1 hour ?

No we don't offer to play for 1 hour, we do have discount days Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Do socks come included for parties?

They don't come included but they can use regular socks to play in playground.

Can Parties be extended to public area to eat while party goes on?

No, party guests need to be inside party area during party time.

If there's an extra birthday child do they come in for free as well?

Extra birthday child is $30.

Is a waiver necessary even for nonparticipants?

To come in the building everyone must have a waiver.

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